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Comments on my lectures

”Birgitte Possing is exceptionally skilled in communicating complex historical material.”

Jes Stein Pedersen, presenter, literature editor at Politiken

”With her unique talent for storytelling, Birgitte Possing captures everyone's attention from beginning to end by focusing on the factors that were significant for the historical period in question and by drawing parallels to today. The story then becomes clear and recognisable and, not least, meaningful in a modern world full of equivalent dilemmas. She gets to grips with this essence – at times also 'writ very large' and with a twinkle in her eye, making for laughter and the wish to hear more […] Birgitte Possing emerges as a respectful and yet reliable representative for the testimony of history. She expresses herself courageously and intelligently in line with the women and men of history who have, discreetly as well as manifestly, shaped the attitudes and decisions that form the foundation for the life we live today […] She leaves behind an attentive audience hungry for more.”

Helle Kolbe, Soroptimist International

”Birgitte Possing is an astounding communicator.”

Kirsten Stallknecht, former president of the Danish Nurses' Organisation, International Council of Nurses, and a number of boards and associations

"Birgitte Possing brings complicated historical issues alive and makes them comprehensible.”

Preben Skjødt, Viborg, senior hospital consultant

Birgitte Possing

Professor emerita, dr. phil.

Author of books on a.o. the extraordinary and dramatic story of the Danish school pioneer Natalie Zahle; the life and times of provocative and visionary government minister Bodil Koch; the socialist Clara Zetkin; the art of writing biographies; the preservation of cultural heritage; gender and democracy;  women's culture, work and history.

Photo: Laura Stamer

The Holberg Medal 2020